Defining Me

I can not wait for summer. love the ocean.  Love sinking in my chair, digging my toes in the sand. I love spending my Saturdays watching my kids build sand castles, sunbathing and playing in the waves.  Watching the ocean and hearing the sound of the crashing waves.  I even love that 99% of the time noone around us even speaks English.  Its on these Saturdays that I can get lost in my thoughts, read a good book, relax with a friend, really talk to my kids, share an ice cream and make lots of great memories. 

Its on these same lazy Saturdays that I stroll the boardwalk, listening to the night sounds of people and music, sidestreet acts and laughter that I started to realize this Summer that  I was merely existing instead of experiencing my life. 

My hope in this blog is to have a place to share my adventures.  To walk down the sandy shore and really find the place where my broken turns into beautiful once again.


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