Organizing the details but missing the purpose

Life gets so busy.  Too busy.  I let it get that way.  Most of the time it is because of my never ending need to please everyone around me.  I get lost in others and time goes by and I no longer know who I am.  This morning I joined a friend for a ladies breakfast and the speaker was talking about getting organized.  Organizing your meals by preparing a menu (check), organizing your laundry so it doesn’t become a mountain (check), organizing your papers and reciepts so that you can find them with ease (check), and so forth and so on.  Then she reminded everyone that no matter your organization, no matter how tidy and neat and perfect you make things, if you do not have a quiet time, a walk, if you do not have your focus on your purpose and your creator it really is worth nothing.  In my own strength all that I do is but filthy rags.  Yet when I set out to accomplish that which the Lord has called me to I find true meaning and my priorities will be in check and I will live my purpose.  Too many times I let the “outside” influences, voice and worries crowd my head.  I have a bad habit of doing what is “best” for everyone else and neglecting me.  I was reminded this morning of my value, of my need for relationship with my Savior and of living my purpose!


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