There is something so cleansing about a good laugh.  You know the kinda laugh that starts out small and takes over you and everyone else around you.  The tears streaming down your cheeks I gotta pee kinda laughter.  The can’t speak or regain composure kinda laughter.  I had some today.  Some good bend in half cry off my makeup can’t speak laughter.  And I needed it!  The best part of that kind of laughter is the other people around you.  Watching them laughing – letting down their guard and laughing so hard- what beautiful faces!  Great times!  Greater memories! 

I have done things that have made others laugh- silly things and embarassing things. Like the time when I was about 12 years old.  We were sitting in a little church in Key West Florida and it was a Sunday night.  The ushers were passing around communion trays as we sat on hard wooden pews waiting for the plate to pass.  I don’t remember taking communion but I do remember dropping my communion cup, bending over to get it and letting a fart out that echoed oh so NOT gracefully off that wooden pew.  I remember then the distinct feeling of hot red cheeks as my ENTIRE family shook with silent rolls of laughter so that everyone in the place knew it was one of us.  Since I was the only one not laughing it had to be me.  (WOW SO now at 40 they can no longer torture me by telling this story as I have just embarrassed myself)-FREEDOM!!!
Whats your embarassing – tear streaming – laugh till it hurts story?

Haven’t had one in a long time?  Get one!  It is amazing how wonderful it feels.


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