I have been on auto pilot for quite some time. 

 Cycling through my days just to wake up and do it all again

 I have been treading water. 

I am lost!

I desire to be found!

I desire to experience!

I am free to move forward yet I stay where I am!

I get comfortable!

It hurts but it is familar!

I can hear all that happens around me!

Yet I hear nothing at all!

I am unseen


To stay where I am I become but a shell!

I am

Yet I am not

A breeze blows softly through the trees and in that moment I realize

He is

He was

He always will be

He desires to find me

He desires to know me

In Him I find ME!

I am created in His image!

I am not a mistake!

I am not my sin!

I am not my past mistakes!

I don’t have to do so you feel better!

He is jealous for me!

So today

I desire

To be


In Him I will find ME!


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