Little boys

Crawled in bed with my 10 year old because it is still ok since he is in 5th grade and we enjoy or quiet talks at night.  We start talking about our days and end with asking how we can pray for each other.  I have kept my request pretty constant because when he prays for my days to go fast and smooth they do!  His prayers are changing alittle as he thinks about growing up.  So tonight he started to ask about armpit hair and 6th grade and then said “never mind mom we won’t think about that tonight I dont want to make you sad!” 

He will always be my baby- he even pinky promised and said that even in 6th grade we can still cuddle.  My cuddling with my kids now means looking up at them and bear hugs, facial hair and fitting time into their busy social lives. 

So for tonight I will rest in the promise of a sweet little boy that reassures me with a pinky promise and a soft sweet kiss- “I will always be your baby mom, Promise!”


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