A gift of love

There is nothing in the world like the love of a little child.  Nothing in the world!  It is the best medicine ever.  I had a simply wonderful day.  It started with coffee and some quiet moments about 6:30 then led me to the ball field with Brett and my nephew Tanner for their practice.  Addison joined me and we had breakfast on the bleachers with my sweet friend.  Then on to a lunch of “Old McDonald’s” with “Uncle Erick’s money-(Addi called him to make sure she could spend his $5.00) and some time on the play place.  We colored, cleaned up a little here and there and Chef Addi made the boys a wonderful trail mix all by herself. 

 The nap to Barney and the hugs, hearing the boys laugh and play with Chase and Zach and Tanner.  Everyone for bacon cheddar burgers and steak fries and then off to Aunt Dani’s for the night….my house was full and my heart was too.  What a privilege and honor to be the mom and aunt to the most amazing kids in the entire world. 

Thank you GOD for the healing that comes with spending time with children.  Thank you for creating them with so much wonder, excitement, faith and patience.  Thank you that when they look at you with their sweet eyes, regardless of their age ( or height) they love you for who you are and nothing else matters.  What a great feeling.  I am so blessed that I got today!


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