Its My Life….

The Law of Averages-  The World English dictionary describes it as “….the expectation that a possible event is bound to occur regularly with a frequency approximating to its probability, as in the (actually false) example: after five heads in a row the law of averages makes tails the better bet “

 With a large family you get over real quick the idea that anything is cheap or easy.  Two kids you can still drive a cute car.  Have 3 you drive a mini van…..7 you get a 15 passenger bus!  (NO! Really you do!)  Then you go from one gallon of milk to 7 a week ( you read that right- a week- that is not a month.)  A cow shows up on your Christmas wish list.  Then try bread, eggs….eggs you are disappointed to find out that you couldn’t have a hen-house because they aren’t legal within your city limits so you continue to buy the 5 doz boxes each week and kindly smile and reply to the clerks question “Which day care do you work for?” with a forced smile ” Oh no ma’am I work at a local petting zoo.”  Soap of any sort = you make home videos in hope that someone’s soap really gets out the stain and maybe your family circus will be the next ad and a lifetime supply of soap!  Toilet paper- you buy stock!  School supplies- you learn creative ways to say bad words and wonder what the world they are going to do with 2- 100 count pencils per child in 9 months.  And pray you marry a redneck who believes that duck tape was God’s creation on the 8th day and that it can fix anything!  Yes I know there are 7 days but you will swear there are 8!  There has to be!  ( DO NOT RESPOND WITH SCRIPTURE PROVING THERE IS 7 and BURST MY DREAM THAT SOMEWHERE I HAVE LOST A DAY AND SOON , VERY SOON, I WILL FIND IT.)  Eating out is fun- as long as the kids are under 12 and can eat free.  If you stand in line and be friendly with the people in front of you without kids you can pass a few of yours off with a nod and smile to the cashier so all your kids eat free ( stupid 2 kids per adult rule). Then there are the doctors visits, broken bones, stitches and such.  Years go by and your dr and orthopedic drives nicer and nicer cars, dresses nicer and gets more and more friendly.  Until one day you are sitting in his office with one of your 7 after years of seeing his smiling face he thanks you every so kindly for allowing him to retire early.  He assures you that he is still willing save your charts for his partners because “you’ll be back.”  (TRUE STORY!)

So I realize today that my life that seems so crazy is rather quite normal.  What happens in a family of 4 is going to happen with more frequency and expense in a family of 9!  Two years ago , in a 6 week period of time, every one of my kids ended up in the ER for one thing or another.  Today as I have a 14 year old with both arms in casts and I sat thinking my 10 year old had a broken leg on Friday afternoon, maybe, just maybe, we are more “normal” then I thought.


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