Journey on….


Part of my journey these last few months has been digging into the things that have made me who I am.  The hardest part has been the assignments to journal my past – good bad and ugly.  In that I have taken a side journey into the power of words.  Not just the spoken but the written, and their meanings.  Now with meaning I am learning some is intended and some is implied.  Regardless, words carry the power of life and death just as scripture speaks. 

 This journey has been painful, but, if I am honest, that pain has always been there, I have just hidden behind pleasing others, denial in some cases and food in others.  Wounded people wound people.  I know this.  I have been the wounded and the “wounder”.  

This journey has not been easy.  It has meant a retreat, hurtful at times, though not intended, but extremely necessary as I learn to tread water before I can swim to shore.  I am sure on that day, the day when I walk up on the sand and sink into my Heavenly Fathers lap after our long “swim”, on that day I will be made new, renewed even.  For until I deal with these wounds,  I cannot truly be free.


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