Making a memory

 I dusted off the boxes we had just pulled from the attic.  Old photos, the kids first outfits, favorite toys.  Boxes and boxes of memories.  years of memories shoved in a box collecting dust.  It was then I decided to make part of my 365 project goals to organize these photos.  I also realized how much time had gone by, how quickly we were changing, my kids were growing.  So as I spread out the boxes and sort through the pictures I want to also capture the new moments and memories of this year.  Each day part of my 365 project is to capture a memory in photo.  To paint a picture through pictures and words of the journey we are on.  So today I lined the counters with munchies and invited family and neighbors to come outside, enjoy the day and create a memory.  We laughed and snacked and enjoyed a beautiful winter day ( last year we were snowed in this time of year so to be able to wear shorts and t-shirts was a treat).  What a great day.  Put aside the electronic leashes and share in games and stories, corn hole, hot cocoa and a campfire.  Todays Project 365 project was to make a memory and I would say we did just that.  Day 1 has been a success.


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