Rotten Fruit

Day 2 of my 365 Project

For about a week now the boys keep asking, “Mom, are you going to throw out these nasty bananas?”
They don’t realize that their favorite banana bread comes from this “rotten” fruit.  As I pulled and smash the bananas this morning I got to thinking.  Lots of time we brush by things, people even, because they seem broken, rotten, used and worthless and we don’t see the potential.  In most cases we aren’t even interested.  It is easier to toss something away then to re-purpose or re-claim or re-kindle or re-capture “it”.

I gathered all my ingredients and placed my smashed bananas aside.

So many times I have felt tossed aside.  So many times I have been the one doing the tossing.  When all that was really needed was some thought, a plan, a new way of seeing something.  I know that in my darkest moments it was a still small voice that reminded me that I was precious.  That I matter.  That there is a purpose and a plan.  That even my bruises and rough spots add character and can be used to create something that is one of a kind and unique.

As I shut off my mixer and reached for my pans I realized that really its all a matter of choice.  If I make a decision to see the beauty and potential in myself and in others and in the things around me I will find the beauty that is there.  I will find the heart changing moments that are created just for me.  I will find that even a rotten ole piece of fruit can yield something tender and delicious and wonderful.


My day 2 picture is my banana bread muffins.  My day started with a project of re-newing and re-purposing and re-kindling and it has been a success!  From delicious muffins to time as a family todays project 365 goals are being met with a new way of looking at my world.


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