I am going to throw in this bonus post today!

I have this little book I read that is a day by day devotional for those wanting to break free in the weight loss/food addiction area but really it is for everyone.

The story opens up with the unthinkable. The author is talking about Abraham when, after waiting forever for a son, is asked by God to sacrifice the boy.

“This was quite a scene!  Imagine Abraham holding the knife above his only, long-awaited son, Issac, from whom the promise of a great nation was to come.  Abraham had arrived at such a point of trust and obedience that he was willing to sacrifice that which he held most precious.  We, also, must come to that place where we can lay down what we hold most dear, including certain foods and behaviors-putting everything on the altar.  God is looking for individuals who are willing to go to any lengths-to do whatever it takes- to honor Him.  As God sees our obedient, surrendered hearts and actions, which display our complete trust, He provides His part- power to do what we could not do in times past. When our humility before God is apparent, His provision appears.  We may not be able to eat whatever we want, but our obedience, shown in the willingness to refrain from overeating, brings us closer than ever to God. ”

That is me!  I am willing to do whatever it takes.  One day at a time.  One step at time.  One right choice at a time.  Heart surrendered.  Will surrendered.  Waiting in expectation as He shows up time and time again to do His part.  That is the difference.  I haven’t set a goal.  I won’t get on the scale. I will not quit! I do not want to set expectations that I know I can not do.  My expectation and hope is not in me.  It is in HIM!  I just keep making the next right choice and doing things new, different and trusting that each time I do He does for me what I can not do for myself!



3 thoughts on “Bonus!

    • The book is a small book that is called Lost It for Life Day by Day Devotions for Every Day of the Year by Stephen Arterburn, Janelle Puff and Misty Conaway. The ISPN number is 1-59145-249-X
      It is excellent. They also have a workbook, regular book called Lose It for Life as well as a daily food journal.

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