Long over due

 Day 7 Project 365

So like I told you a few blogs ago, my project 365 is about lots of different things.  It isn’t just about losing weight and getting healthy physically.  It is a list of long over due projects that never got started or need to be completed.  It contains books that need to be read instead of dusted, personal inventories and character building sessions, memory making and so much more.
Before I share with you todays adventure let me make a confession.

I procrastinate!

No, really, I do!

For some of you this won’t come as a shock.  For others,  I can prove it to you.  Just open the bottom of my curio cabinet in my room and you will find a box.  In that box you will find film of all shapes and sizes. Rolls of film and disposable cameras.  Remember disc cameras from Kodak?  The film was a flat square with one corner cut off? I have that too. Lots of it.  All undeveloped.  Not so bad you say?  Well, seeing as how my son Nik just turned 21 and I have film that is undeveloped from his first Christmas…… Lordy!

So imagine my joy at the new age of uploading photos straight from my camera to my computer and sending away for prints.  WOOOHOOOO.

Ok, back to my adventure.

So on my list of things to accomplish during project 365 I have a deep desire to put together the countless photo albums and memory boxes that now fill a large corner in our bedroom.  Once in the attic, I had the boys retrieve them on day 1 of my project.  I would like to update said albums with all the photos on these undeveloped rolls of film and then get organized moving forward with all the new photos I have on my computer and all the photos I will take of all this great memory making stuff I have planned this year.  Wheewwww, what a task!

So today I got started.  I mean really started.  Not just looking through boxes and crying and then needing to go track down my kids for hugs and kisses and subjecting them to listening to all my “remember when” memories.  Today I filled picture frames that, (another confession of procrastination) until now, have held pictures of people I don’t even know.  GO ME!  I no longer have to explain, “No, that person isn’t part of our family”  when people come to visit.  I even cataloged some photos and dusted off albums to get a game plan.  I have 5 rolls of film ready to go to the shop for developing.

It is a small step and may seem insignificant.  For me it is huge.  It isn’t just about putting together picture albums and cleaning up clutter.   It is about removing the brick of procrastination that is part of my tower.  It is about moving forward and getting healthy.  Silly maybe but really, it’s very cool.  I can see how procrastinating in every area has been based in fear in lots of ways.  It has robbed me of so much.  No more.  Even tonight I thought of shoving my walk off till tomorrow.  What would one day hurt?

I walked tonight and the frames are all hanging up now with pictures of the people I love.  I even put a picture of me in!

Day 7- a HUGE success.



5 thoughts on “Long over due

    • I agree Marie! Leslie, are we sisters from another mother, LOL! I cannot even tell you how much undeveloped film and misc. pictures I have laying around! You are not alone my friend.

  1. Hi Leslie. Nice to meet you on the WordPress blog. I love your family profile too. This blog makes me feel guilty but it is inspiring and tomorrow I will see if I can try and tidy up my room. I have four trunks of junk. Lol.

  2. Hey, no guilt required zone. It is about doing one thing today different than you did yesterday. That is a positive. I had to change my mindset and realize life happens and I need to start fresh. So for today I pick one thing I can do that needs to be done and I do it to the best of my ability. I make one right choice, create one new memory, take one new step towards my goals and that makes for a really awesome and successful day. You can do it! Let me know how the 4 trunks come along

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