In the Masters hand

Day 9 Project 365

Today is my wedding anniversary.  My morning started with breakfast in bed and roses.  Sweet!  Tonight we went for sushi. Something new!  I watch the chef, so serious as he prepared the different dishes that had been ordered.  He was so focused and detailed in every step of his work.  What a yummy result.   “Thank you chef” rang out as each party tried their different creations.  He would just nod and continue on his way.  Focused.  Skillful.  Artful!

Soon a platter full of delicious bites was in front of us!  Chopsticks in hand we talked and laughed and ventured into something new.  It was nice to sit and watch something created with great purpose and intent.  Even nicer to savor and enjoy each bite.

It has been a long road.  For 12 years we have blended our lives and our families together.  It hasn’t always been easy.  Some days it is about making the same old thing happen again and again.  Sometimes it seems like for every step we have taken forward we have taken a dozen more back. Yet, like this master chef, we can make a decision to create something new today with great purpose and intention.  It really is in our perspective.  In how we see what it is before us. It is in the masters hand that something beautiful is created.

We finished every last bite.  We will be back.

In our marriage, in our life together we will move forward.

We have come to far and have too much to let go now.  We rest today and all our tomorrows in the Masters hand.

We step out in faith.

A great success.


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