A place for my story

 Day 11 Project 365

 I love cleaning my house.  I love to rearrange and change things up.  I love to light my candles and set my table with my linen napkins and china.  I love to make my home warm and inviting.  I try to create as many moments for memories as I possibly can so my children will have something to cherish.  Yet it takes more than all that  to make a house a home.

From the moment we are born our story begins.  The people, places and things in our lives help shape us into the person we become.  Our lives are a combination of sights and sounds and smells.  They are a combination of memories, some good and some bad, that woven together create the tapestry of our lives.  It is in our home that our story begins.

On my list of things to accomplish this year is reading through my old journals.    They come in all shapes and sizes.  Some embellished with sparkles and some leather-bound.  Each one tells my story.  On the pages of these journals I have penned the moments of my life that have led me to where I am today.  As I started reading a journal I wrote at about 12 I quickly begin to trace the outline of many bricks placed in my life today.  Hours went by.  I laughed and cried and poured over the pages.  It began to become clear to me the threads that were woven into my story.  Journal after journal I could see patterns and themes and lies that I believe to this day.  Don’t get me wrong, there are silly stories, happy moments, great memories on these pages too.  Silly girl stuff and hopeless romantic gushy stuff.  You name it, its in there.  Reading through is necessary so I can draw strength and momentum to move forward.  It is about learning from my past and my now.  It is about growing and finding purpose where it once was lost.  It is about rekindling old passion and making it new.  It is about making new memories and drawing from them.

Chapter 3 in Made to Crave is about making a plan.  A plan for healthy food choice and exercise.  A plan that is unique to me.  S0 I am making a plan.  A plan that not only defines my health and well-being physically but also it one that defines my family, my home, my children.  It is a plan of many steps, many steps in the right direction.  It is as much about all the things I need to change as it is about all the things I do right and learning to believe in that.  It is about making corrections, admitting failures and doing something new.  It is a series of small steps in the right direction.  Doing something different today than I did yesterday.  It is about finding a new beginning and recrafting my story.  It starts in my heart and in my home.

Home is where our story begins.  In that I find motivation.  Motivation to forgive, heal and move on.  Motivation to make something different happen today than I did yesterday.
By weaving the Word into my life and that of my children, by shutting out the noise and focusing on what matters, by taking a moment to read and play and laugh, by counting on what matters not on what will pass away.  It is about making a plan based on purpose.  Breaking free from the old and tattered past and bringing forward the threads that are strong and saturated with love.

I have a plan and I am created with a purpose.

Today is a day for change.


One thought on “A place for my story

  1. Love your photos and blog!! I have a sign that says, “home is where your heart is.” I also have many others. I just might have to post those for this challenge too.

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