How sweet it is

Day 20 Project 365

Today is my husbands birthday so I have made his favorite cake.  It is a made from scratch carrot cake with a sinful cream cheese frosting.  To add to his pleasure I made a Oreo Cream Cheese Cake too!  Last night as I was walking through the isles at Wal-Mart I kept asking myself if I was asking for trouble?  I mean really, all those bowls of batter and frosting???  Two desserts I know are amazing???  All this and I am trying to be healthy and make right choices???

I am pleased to tell you all bowls and spoons and utensils used in the production of above mentioned sweet confections made it into a waiting sink of hot soapy water and were immediately submerged as to provide no further temptation (except for the one spoon that was saved by my 17-year-old 6’2″ son that insisted it would be better that way!)

Life is still going to hold these moments.  These days when a special treat is requested.  Temptations are still going to present themselves in a variety of shapes, sizes, smells, thoughts and images.  My job is to have a plan!  I also have to allow myself the choice.  I have learned from years of playing the diet game that if I create some hard fast rules, if I base my goals on things that are not solid and of good character and value, I will be setting myself up for failure.  It might be I bring someone into the kitchen to cook with me and remove said sweet temptations.  It might be I drive a different way than by my favorite store. It might mean I pass on going some place that will set me up for a fall.

I can eat whatever I want.  Figuring out my reasons for wanting whatever it is I am craving is liberating.  Identifying what I am really feeling (because it usually is not hunger) is freeing.   Having the power to decide if it is worth it or not is amazing.  Being able to apply the truth to  whatever the temptation is means finding  success.

I finished the cream cheese frosting and frosted my cake.  Applying truth to that bowl of sinful sweet goo meant realizing that although I knew it was going to taste incredible it also held a ton of butter, several bricks of cream cheese, well over 2 pounds of confectioners sugar and an endless supply of emptiness.  Just because I know it is going to be good doesn’t mean it’s what is going to be best.

Along with my sweet cake creations there is a plate of fresh fruit ready for tonight.  I will surprise my husband with dinner at his favorite sushi place with lots of friends and when we all come back to our house for coffee and dessert I know that I can slice up my cake and eat it too however, my plan includes something much more satisfying.  Knowing for today I took another step in the right direction.  I made another right choice.

That is sweet success!

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”        James 1:2-3 NIV


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