Day 21 Project 365

I went on an adventure today.  My husband had to drive to Roanoke Rapids NC to fix our friends rental property roof and he invited me along for the ride.   He punched the address in the GPS and off we went.  Now, I bought this GPS several years ago and have never updated it.  With blind faith I just plug it in, enter my destination and off I go.  With the constant construction and new developments everywhere I am sure things have changed.

Soon after we got going the GPS started re-configuring route (as it kept informing us in a lovely voice).  My husband would approach a fork in the road where he had to decide to go one way or the other and we would have to slow down and wait to see what it would do.  A few times we almost ended up going the wrong way.  Once we got out off the major interstate system and got on the back roads we were doing just fine.  Funny how we trust in this little piece of technology to guide us to a destination we have never been to before.

Like the time he took me to the beautiful mountain cabin in Georgia.  We loaded up the truck and off we went on a grand adventure. I had no idea where he was taking me.  All I know was that I was going to love it.  By the time we started nearing our destination it was the middle of the night.  We were in the back country of Georgia winding our way up and around mountains.  The GPS kept directing us onward towards our destination, deeper and deeper into the woods.  I was so excited as I love the mountains and he had started to tell me all the cool things to do in this area.  About 2 a.m.  the GPS told us in less than 150 yards we would have reached our destination.  It instructed us to turn left at the next road.
Well let me tell you.  We got to said “road” and it wasn’t there (at first glance).  Here we are stopped in the middle of nowhere with not a light in sight, nothing but trees.  We look out the window and can faintly make out an old dirt road but there is a lot of brush and its hard to see in the dark.  So my husband informs me that since that is the road the GPS says to take we are taking it.

Now let me paint you a picture of us in our Suburban pulling an anniversary edition Harley Fat Boy behind us on a trailer turning down a dark dirt road in the middle of no where in the pitch black night.  If you know me you know by now I am on the verge of a full-blown panic attack!

We make it in about 50 feet and I start to freak. I mean literally the branches of the trees are scrapping my truck.  The wheels on the motorcycle trailer are half on and half of the edge of this stupid dirt road.  Did I happen to mention I am FREAKING?!  That is when I hear it!   WATER.  Not just a little water but WATER like water in a river water.  I am about to start hyperventilating when off in the way distance ahead of us he spies a light.  (BIG FLIPPIN DEAL.)  I want out.  However there is no way in the world we can back down this road and no place at all to turn around.  So we go on and in moments we are staring at a creek running right across the road.  No, it’s not deep but that isn’t the point now is it.  We are going to get stuck or slide of the side or worse die and get eaten and our kids will never see us again……………… (Yes, I am in panic mode and no it isn’t helping that he is laughing at me.)

We make it through the creek and continue creeping along toward the light.  By now the GPS can’t find a signal (GO FIGURE)!  We come upon a drive way  and a small cabin.  There is obviously people living there but all is dark.  He decides this can’t be our cabin (DUH!) and insist we keep going (like we have a choice).  A few hundred more feet I am crying, have dug my nails into the leather seats and I am pleading with God to get me out of here.  Then I see it!  A fork in the road.  Praise the Lord, so I think.

“Get out and guide me as I turn this thing around” he says. ”

“Yeah right!  Are you completely kidding me?  You expect me to get out in the pitch black and stand in the bush while you back this truck and trailer up?  Are you insane?  We are in the wilderness in the middle of the night and someone or something could be out there.” (Am I dramatic?  Ummmm hello, we are about to die!)

With loud prayers to heaven begging God to not let my children be orphans I finally agree to get out of the truck.  Don’t ask me how many tries it took to get that thing turned around.  All I remember doing was praying and crying and promising to never let him drive again if God just gets me out of here.

Eventually we made it back to paved ground.  Had I not been afraid of bears I would have gotten out of the truck and kissed the ground.  I informed my husband of my agreement with God and told him we needed to find a hotel.  About that time the GPS got signal and wanted us to proceed about 10 miles down the road in the direction we had been heading an hour ago before our brush with death (welll…… felt like it!) One left turn later we were driving up in front of a beautiful cabin my husband had rented for the weekend.

It wasn’t until the next day at a quaint little road side cafe that we learned we had been on the right road the first time just the side that had been shut down for years.  Had we followed the directions that came with the cabin rental we would have known to go 10 miles past where the GPS said to turn in. (Yes I know, much to say to him but I let it go!)

As we were driving today and the GPS was confused I thought about how many times I pray and ask God to help me with a situation.  He answers and helps me and directs me and then I get going on my way.  I move along and forget that I need to update my “GPS”.  It isn’t enough just pray to Him one time and then go on my way.  I need a relationship with Him.  I need to be in His word, being fed and being challenged, daily!  I need to surround myself with other people we are living life with purpose and passion.  I need to pay attention to the instructions He sends along with the confirmation that I belong to Him when I surrendered my life.

I read somewhere that GPS  also stands  for Gods Positioning System.  Just like my TOMTOM needs to be plugged in and updated so that I can find where I am going with all the changes around me, my life needs GPS.  It needs Gods positioning system.  It needs a daily update to get me through these dark and narrow roads.  Up and over the mountains and through this dry places.  I need Him to guide my way.  And in the times when I feel lost or like He isn’t listening, like there is no light at the end of this tunnel, like I am in the wilderness about to be eaten alive, I need to trust that I am almost there.  I need to rest in a plan that I can not see.  I need to trust HIS heart!

I am willing to get in my car and plug-in a piece of technology that is just a thing and trust it to get me where I need to go?

How much more can I trust my heavenly Father who created me, knows the number of hairs on my head, knows everything about me, created me with a purpose. to get me through this life?

2 Samuel 22:29 Suddenly, God, your light floods my path,  God drives out the darkness.  I smash the bands of marauders,  I vault the high fences.  What a God! His road  stretches straight and smooth.  Every God-direction is road-tested.  Everyone who runs toward him  Makes it. 2 Samuel 22:28-30 (in Context) 2 Samuel 22 (Whole Chapter) The Message


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