So what is it? What is it that seems impossible?  What is it that has gripped you? What has consumed you? What has eluded you?   What test you do seem to take and retake and take again?  What lies rumble in your head?  What are you afraid of?  How do you see yourself?  Are you good enough?  Worth it?  What matters to you?  What dream have you sat on the shelve because you CAN’T?  What is your purpose?  Do you know?  What is it you want but don’t feel you deserve?  What defines you?

Pick one thing today!  One thing you want to do, change, realize, accomplish, be free from, whatever it is just pick one.

Take out a piece of paper and write that thing, whatever it is at the very top.  Maybe its an area you have never realized success.  Maybe its a dream you had when you were small but life and circumstances have made it impossible.  Maybe its a fear, a phobia.  Maybe its a feeling or a thought.  Maybe its physical!  Maybe its a relationship that is sick.  Maybe it is how you see yourself in the mirror.  Maybe its about forgiveness or regret.  A job!  Your health!  A child!

Draw a line down that paper.  Label the Left side Lies and the Right side Truth.

LIES:  We all have them.  They play like a record in one area of our lives or another.  They are the things that we have come to believe for whatever reason.  List the things that instantly came to mind when you think of this thing.  ( I know I am not the only one that hears things like, “that won’t happen”, “you have tried that before, see where it got you”, “you will fail”, “no one cares”, “that is silly”, “you won’t succeed”, “there is someone better at that than you”, “if they knew the real me”, “someone will laugh at me”, “I will get stuck”……and the voices, the lies continue on and on. )  Take your time.  This step is hard.  However, as hard as it might be, there is freedom in the next step.

TRUTH:  There is a truth for every lie.  The enemy wants nothing more than to make us believe things that are not true.  he wins that way, has us right where he wants us, defeated and ineffective.  Remember he even tempted Jesus in the wilderness ( he isn’t the brightest).  Maybe you can’t even find a truth to write.  It is ok.  I have added a link to Bible Gateway on my Home page.  It is a tool for you to use.  You can search your thing and find what the Word has to say.  Write these things down.  Put them where you will see them.  Study them and memorize them.  Allow them to become the new message that plays in your mind.  Every time a lie tries to play its broken tape, claim the airways with TRUTH.

Write your own affirmation!  Like I shared in my bonus post yesterday.  Write out all the things that you will choose today to change that thing that has held you in bondage.  Speak truth to yourself and post it where you can see it every day.

Reach out~  One might make it, two is better but a three is unstoppable.  Grab a friend and share, when you are ready.  When we speak out the things that have bound us they lose their power.  Trust me- I am living it right now.  You are helping me!  You are encouraging me and holding me accountable and I am so thankful. The third person in this equation is GOD.  Maybe you don’t completely believe or have a faith of your own.  Maybe you don’t know where to start.  Today might be the day.  Reach out, email me, email a friend.

Pray~ It is simple.  It is a conversation.  Real and authentic.  There is no right or wrong way and no formula.  I talk to Him just like I talk to you.  Wide open and out loud.  I mean really, what do you have to lose?  At this point, what can it hurt?

So I challenge you today- Shake free from the chains that bind you.  (It’s ok – we all have them.  Every person you meet no matter how wonderful their lives seem.  We all need recovery!)

In a book titled Healing is a Choice, Steve Artberburn writes, ” I don’t know how long you have struggled, but I know this:  it is time to pick up your mat and walk, or pick up your mat and cry, or pick up your mat and drive to a meeting, or pick up your mat and take your medication, or pick up your mat and help someone else, or pick up your mat and utter a simple prayer of surrender to taking paths toward healing.  It is time to pick up your life and experience all that God has for you.  In order to that, you may have to do some things that will take you out of your comfort zone and push you into places you really don’t want to be.”

Today is the day!  It may not be easy and probably won’t be instant.  However, it is worth fighting for.  You are worth fighting for.

If you feel like sharing, please feel free to comment and let me know if you are willing to do one thing different today than you did yesterday to take back what has been stolen from you and live your purpose.


3 thoughts on “Day 24 BONUS- A CHALLENGE!

  1. WOW….what can I say other than God is speaking to me right now through you. I plan to do exactly what you suggested and will pray to be set free….yes, I hear those voices right now saying you have tried before you can not do it…..but God!

    • YUP! Just like the enemy. Remember EVE? What a lesson. He lies to us so many times because in conquring those fears he loses and you are free to do all the things God calls you to do and prompts your heart to pursue. You can do this Mom! I am praying even now for freedom in the name of Jesus. He can still the storm, throw a mountain into the sea, turn water into wine, save a wretch like me. He is the same yesterday today and forever and by HIS stripes we are FREE- whole- healed-clean-restored-renewed! Love you!

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