Making of a great memory

Day 28 Project 365

I love to cook and even better I love to cook with my kids.  So last night with my 3 boys and 3 nephews and 1 adorably bossy 3 yr old niece we made pizzas.  Trying to stay in the healthy side of this much-loved meal we used whole wheat pita and lots of fresh veggies, meats and cheeses.  Every one designed their own creation and in the oven they went.  We were well on our way to making a yummy memory.  Within no time our pizzas were out and being inhaled.  We ventured out on our second walk of the night to take the kids to the new Yogurt bar that opened up right around the corner, Sweet Frogs.  (The whole walk there we had to convince my niece that we were not going to really eat frogs.)  It was a yummy time to which my nephew Chase informed me he lovessssssssssss my idea of a walk!  Home we came for some late night hoops and then a cycle of 6 sweaty boys in and out of showers.  A dirty sock here and a dirty sock there and a pile of wet towels before a 11 p.m. movie.

This morning it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop.  I expect them to sleep in!  Everyone is snuggled under blankets and I was ran out of bed early by a 3-year-old that insists you smell her feet while she is dead asleep!

I love making these memories.  I love that part of my project this year is to find the time to just be.  Live in the moment and let go the things that can wait for another time.

Somewhere in the midst of last night was Lego building.  The boys had fun and Addi too.  She even got Uncle Erick on the floor to build an airplane and a ship.  We colored and laughed and told jokes and we realized what amazing kids we have!

A sweet end to the last Friday of January.



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