The best is yet to come

 Day 30 Project 365

Hard to believe we are at the end of January.  I am very excited though about the things I have accomplished this month.  My list of projects is well underway and the things that the Lord has been showing me and working in me is quite exciting.

Today I took my son to the DMV for his learners permit test.  I was excited for him as he scored a perfect 100.  It seems so hard to believe that time moves so quickly and he is driving.  I am so proud of him, of my kids.  I have been so blessed by them and to be their mom.  Today as I reflect back on this month and the things I have learned I am reminded that as I humbly lay my life in the masters hands He is so faithful.  As I approach life with a humble heart, with grace and with forgiveness He supplies the rest.  He answers in His time in accordance with what is best for me.  It might not always look like what I think it should but I do trust His heart.  Just like my son was so calm and collected today, knowing he had studied and was ready for his test, I too am finding that as I spend time each day preparing for my day ahead, as I make moments throughout the day to reflect and listen, I move through my days with confidence that no matter the test or the circumstance that might present itself, I have done my part and I am ready.

I am anxious for a new month to start.  Today I will spend sometime looking back over this month and making a plan for the next.  I am excited each day by my new success and new-found freedom.  I am loving the change and I am excited to see what is next.

Proverbs 16:3

New Life Version (NLV)

3 Trust your work to the Lord, and your plans will work out well.



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