Lost and Found

Day 46 Project 365

I read a quote last night:  When prayer is your only option you are in an excellent position to see God move!

Where are my glasses?  I had searched the entire house and found nothing but an empty case.  I retraced my steps and enlisted my kids.  We tore the house apart.  (My sarcastic 15-year-old even went as far as to look in the freezer saying, “knowing you mom they could be in there!”)  I was freaking out about 45 minutes into the search.  I just knew I was going to have to go outside and tear open the trash to see if by some crazy chance I had tossed them in there. (Don’t ask!)  When everyone had given up I was in tears.  Not so much over my glasses but earlier in the day I was faced with a situation that I could not control.  I had spent hours on my face before the Lord, enlisted prayer warriors to intercede in prayer and I had wept.  I was tired and over whelmed and all I wanted was my glasses.  I fell across my bed and prayed.  “Lord it is such a small thing to find these silly glasses but please.  I am so tired of it always being something.  I know my family is under attack from the enemy.  Could you please just help me find my glasses.”  I grabbed a drink of water, wiped my eyes and walked back to the living room.  My son offered to help me retrace my steps again so we started with lifting the couch that three of us had already looked under about an hour ago, just to be sure.  There they were!  My glasses!  I started to cry.  Silly maybe to some but after hours of praying and standing on promises and binding the enemy from stealing things I was overjoyed that God cares enough to even help me find my glasses.

I am in a place right now that is hard to describe in words. There are things that we struggle with that nothing I do can fix.  There are things that my kids are struggling with that nothing I do can fix.   My humanness wants to kick butt and take names, to intervene and fix and protect and control things so the hurt and pain and problems go away.   My response at time is panic but I am learning that I have to trust that His ways are greater than my ways.  I am sick and tired of the lies and attacks of the enemy and I am standing on the promises of God.  I walked around my home last night and especially my children’s rooms and I claimed the promises of my GOD.  I know that the battle is for our souls.  I am praying the scriptures for myself and my family.  I know that I know that the battles we face belong to the LORD!

So tonight this is where I am.  There are things I can not change.  There are things that I am going through, that my kids are going through that only God can take care of.  So here I am, pouring over scriptures and praying for protection and restoration and victory.  I am praying to a God that knows exactly what I have need of yet desires me to pour my heart at to Him.  Desires me to turn to Him and give up control.  As I walk through this day and this night and into the next I will continue to pray, to have this conversation with my Abba Father, who cares as much about my lost glasses as He does about the big things touching my life.  And in HIM I put my faith and my trust, to watch over the details of my life and the life of each one of my children.

Jodie Berndt wrote a book called Praying the Scriptures For Your Children.  I have read it for years at various times and now I am reading it again.  As several of my children face difficult times, are learning life lessons, face hurts and confusion and are torn, as they try to find themselves and come to terms with their own faith I am standing in the gap.  I am standing on the promises and I am holding on to the fact that what HE says HE WILL DO!  I will not panic, my faith is in GOD, I am steadfast and standing firm and my answer will come!

“Lord, you have summoned my children by name and they belong to you.  When they pass through the waters, be with them, when they pass through the rivers, do not let them be swept away.  When they walk through the fire, do not let them be burned.  And when they emerge from these trials, let them know that you are the Lord, and that you are their God, that you are the Holy One of Israel, and that you are their Savior”(Isaiah 43:1-3)

“Do not let anything separate my children from your love.  When trouble, hardship, persecution, danger, or any need arises, let them remember that we are “more than conquerors,” and that nothing can separate them from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”(Romans 8:35-39)

“Watch over the life of each of my children.  Do not slumber or sleep, but keep them from all harm.  Watch over their lives, their coming and their going, both now and forevermore.”(Psalms 121:3-8)

“Hem my children in- behind and before; place your hand upon them so that wherever they go and whatever they do, they will be accompanied by your presence.” (Psalm 139:5-1)


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