Check up

Day 60 Project 365

Time for a check up.

Today is the bonus day for the year.  It is leap year.  SO my project really is a 366 day project. Time is flying by at lightening speed.  Hard to believe we are ready to start the third month of this year.  I did some reflecting last night to see where I am with my goals and projects and where I need to step it up some.  I have lots of things to accomplish this year.  The boys and I started meal plans and activity tracking yesterday.  We spent some time talking about healthy choices for food intake and exercising habits.  I found a great website at  We input our goals into the tracker and were given some meal plans and calorie intake guides to get us where we want to be.  It was nice to see how things should break down.  We got to see what we were eating compared to what is recommended.  For the kids that is nice because they can see the healthy choices compared with the not so healthy and someone other than mom was saying it.  My 17-year-old has started P90x and is gingerly walking around our house but he is doing it and I am proud of him.  GO HIM!  The rest of us desperately need to get back to our walking.  We were doing great then sidelined with sickness for about 3 weeks now!  Baseball season is gearing up.  Already my youngest has 4 practices/scrimmage games this week alone.  He will get his exercise in that is for sure.  Getting fit and staying that way is a big part of my goals this year.  Doing it as a family makes life so much easier.  As I use today to reflect I have decided to create some goals for myself for month 3 of my project.  I am finding that I need to get busy in some areas more than I have been if I hope to accomplish all that I set out to.  Again, this isn’t about new years resolutions, it is for me about making a series of “the next right choices” and moving towards living my purpose to the best of my ability.

Off to the doctor this morning for a check up after a few weeks of sickness to make sure the pneumonia is clear and to have my little guy checked since he has been sick since Sunday.
Focused today on making right choices for me and my family.  Time to continue cleaning out and making ready for spring, for a new life.  Meditating in my quiet time on the things God has for me today!  Healthy in mind, body and spirit.  Making another right choice, one at a time.

Time for a check up!  Where am I really?  Am I doing the things I was called to do?  Am I eating right? Exercising?  Making amends?  Am I putting things off because I just can’t deal? Am I ignoring things as if that will make them go away?  Am I setting my priorities straight?  Am I making time for relationships? Where am I today really?  Have I taken the steps to make change?  Am I moving forward or stuck in the past?  What do I need to do different today to break the pattern of insanity?  What have I put off for tomorrow when tomorrow might never come?

Time for a check up!  Mind, body and soul!

It is truly about doing the next right thing!

Some great scriptures on Healthy Living-

Devotion on spiritual checkup-


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