Stamp of Approval

Day 69 Project 365

Rainy and chilly is on the menu for today but even though this might not make the top 10 list for perfect days I woke up with a feeling that something great is going to happen today.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the idea of perfect.  We apply that word to people, places, things like something less than perfect is second best.   We seek validation from people, places and things and let who were up in it their definition of self-worth.

I watched a video yesterday that talked about walking around carrying an empty bucket saying love me, pick me, tell me I am good enough, validate me, fill me up, approve of me.  The speaker goes on to say that as we carry this empty bucket looking for people to validate us and give us our self-worth we drag around behind us the “ball and chain” of lies we have come to believe about ourselves.  For me that includes the mistakes I have made that make me feel less than whenever someone says anything critical to me, even if it is meant to be constructive or concerned.  As I thought about this video I thought about the people who God used in the bible.  Not one is perfect.  Not then.  Not now.  Perfection is not something to be obtained or for that matter strived for.  It doesn’t exist outside of the Lord Jesus Christ himself.  I can get so wrapped up in making sure everything is perfect, that I am perfect and in turn allow myself to get sidetracked from that fact that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  That doing my best counts for something.  That the Lord doesn’t call the qualified he qualifies the called.  That He used and uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. If I look at the people in the bible that God used they all had character defects, fears, concerns, sins, etc.  It didn’t matter.  He already knew and stamped them as APPROVED!  Ready to be used and make a difference for the Lord.

If I seek my validation and approval based on what I think others want from me, from the worlds definitions or in hopes to find my worth I will have built my house on sinking sand.  The waves will come and the winds will blow and I will be washed away and torn apart, left to pick up the pieces and find my self-worth and identity all over again.  Yet if I look to the one that created me and see the history of His faithfulness in ordinary people’s lives just like me.  If I see the things He has already brought me through and continue to apply His truth to my life than I can rest assured I am stamped with His approval.  He validates me!  And when it is all said and done I can look forward to the day when I hear Him say, Well done my good and faithful servant.

Perfect just they way I am ( Johnny Diaz “A More Beautiful You”)


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