In His time

Day 74 Project 365

I have shared a few times some great inspirational devotions from Sheri Rose Shepherd and this morning before I share I want to again post the encouragement she shared this morning!

Sometimes we fight so hard for what we want out of our relationships, we forget to ask God what His will is in our relationships…If you are struggling in any relationship, here are 4 things you can do.
1. Look Inward and Upward…. The last place we want to look is inward when someone has wronged us. So look upward and pray and ask God to show you what you can do to bring peace to the relationship.
2. Pray for impossible people… God knows those people in your lives, which is why He says “if it is possible.” (Romans 12:6)  so If you are beating yourself up because you can’t get a breakthrough in an impossible relationship, then it may be time to stop fighting and leave the impossible in God’s hands.
 3. Pray for His will… . If we are holding on too tightly, it will be hard to find God’s will for any of our relationships. I know it seems scary to surrender our relationships to God, but actually there is complete freedom when you let go of the need to control others and grab onto your Father’s hands in heaven.
Let me pray for you… I pray in Jesus’ name that you fight the temptation to engage in relational battles that drain your strength, trying to prove your point or win your way or defend yourself. I pray you let your Lord be your defense. I pray you will never again get caught in the trap of blame and bitterness. May our God give you the wisdom to know what to fight for, for those you love, and how to fight in a way that brings blessings and breakthroughs to all of your relationships. In Jesus’ name, Amen. We love each other because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19
A few weeks ago before I left to visit my grandfather I was really struggling in some impossible relationships.  I had shared that I had some soul search to do and some time I needed to really spend with the Lord, not just petitioning Him for these relationships but surrendering them and then being obedient to what He has called me to.  The Lord had really used my trip to show me some things in a new way. He really ministered to me in ways that I needed.  When I returned from my trip I had some conversations.  I needed to address some things and speak my heart to some people who I had impossible relationships with.  I had done everything I could do, beat my self up for things I couldn’t control nor fix.  I had some changes I need to make because it was the right thing to do and something God was asking of me.  I had to do these things with no expectations of the other party doing their part or the right thing. I had and have to continue to keep my eyes fixed on the Lord and not look to what I see.  I have spent each day turning things over and purposefully leaving them laying a the foot of the cross. 
Last night God showed up in a huge way.  As I have been very diligent to seek wisdom and let the fight be the Lords and not mine, as I have surrendered all control and allowed Him to work on everyone involved including myself He showed me last night that He really has this.  I will not share details of these impossible relationships but I will say this, as I have purposely honored the Lord and the people involved regardless of what they have done or not done over this last few weeks God has been at work in hearts.  Several times over the last 10 days comments have been made about the changes in me.  I smile and nod but let the glory be the Lords.  Then last night as I needed to confront some mistreatment in one of these relationships it happened….. my husband honored me in a huge way and validated me and my position.  I wish I could relay the magnitude of this and explain better but let me just say this.  I don’t know the outcome because I am in the middle of the journey but I do know that God has “this” and He is at work in me and for me.  I know that He specializes in the impossible and as I am obedient to what He asked me to do many years ago, He will do the rest.  I might never see results that I think I should see but even there He is giving me new eyes and a new heart to realize that all that is required of me is to be obedient and do my part.
I am excited this morning to see that fruit.   I don’t seek validation from these relationships anymore.  I have left that to the Lord.   It has not been easy and although there is much more road ahead I am so aware of who walks with me and before me and hems me in.
Thank you Lord for what you are doing in my heart.  I thank Him today that in His time He makes all things new.  He restores and he redeems. 

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