Redirecting my thoughts- changing my day

Day 79 Bonus Post

The sun has been high in the sky all day and the temperature has been perfect.  The kids are off at work, baseball, and it is just Kody and I home this evening.  We did a loaded hot dog bar for dinner which the boys love.  The chores are done and the sun is starting to go down.

I have felt off today.  All day I have been anxious, thus my earlier post.

As I push through this evening I have to continue to do the next right thing.

I have struggled with not just flipping out and speaking my peace but the Lord reminded me of Psalm 141 and I prayed for Him to set a guard upon my mouth.

I have contemplated a trip to DQ for as much ice cream as I could afford but was reminded to place my hope in the Lord and delight in Him alone.  Ice cream might help for a moment but will leave me worse than when I started.

This has gone on for a few hours.  I feel something in the flesh and my spirit responds.  I am living what I have been learning.

Then I was reminded to reach outside of myself to those that will lift me up and pray with me and walk beside me.

I am thankful for this place God has me. I am thankful for the lessons I have learned this past 78 days.

I am thankful that no matter where this journey takes me I am safe in His arms.


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