Day 82 Project 365

I was laying in bed last night and it hit me.  The last few days there have been things that have been happening that normally I would turn to my default “Leslie, you just aren’t good enough” but I haven’t.  Three days in a row.  I never even thought it one time! It hit me as I was laying there.  It was so awesome as I thought about each time and thanked GOD for His provision in those moments over the last few days.  He whispered to me, “See Leslie, you are so worth it.  You are good enough and you are doing right what I have asked you to do.” I cried tears of joy, streaming down my face in the dead of night.  Lord, Thank You! “You see too that I am causing others to see and the truth is setting you free!” Yes Lord I do see it.  I see you and your truth in everything now.  I see it so clear.  I see it when others speak up for me now and I see it when I release things that are touching my life and allow you Lord to wash away all that is not truth.

I wish you could understand how HUGE that is for me.  Things happened that would normally make me feel like it was all my fault and they didn’t.  I didn’t one time even entertain the thought of owning the situations.  I jumped out of bed and had a little worship time.  To some this may seem weird maybe but my heart was overflowing.

I spent my whole life practically dragging around the lie of nothing I do is ever good enough, that I am not good enough and that its all my fault.

Free!  FINALLY FREE! I am so excited I could bust.  Not once, not for a second even did I think it.  Even now I have tears of joy streaming down my face.
Today as I was doing some spring cleaning I came across some letters that various people have written to me for one reason or another over the years.  Several of these letters are from people I have very broken relationships with.  Do you know how exciting it was to read those letters after all this time and be free from what the used to imply, from what they used to cause me to think and feel?

It is spring……new life… creation…….finally the winter is behind me.  The dead is gone.  New life has arrived.


Thank you Abba Father.

And thank you, the few of you that really know me and know what I have been through and have supported and prayed and loved me no matter what.  Thank you to the few that didn’t judge me and gossip and who could see past the lies others told to the truth.  Thank you for the ones of you that actually tried to understand, that took the time to walk beside me in my shoes and situations.  Thank you for those that have and are standing up for ME.  Thank you for those that pray and intercede for me and my family.  Thank you for standing in the gap when I couldn’t see the light of day.  Thank you for crying with me and reminding me of all the things I had to live for.  Thank you for loving me in spite of myself.  Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus to me.


4 thoughts on “FREE!

  1. Leslie, that is WONDERFUL!!! I love you no matter what and am proud of what you have allowed God to do with you. You have truly opened yourself up to all He has for you and all He wants for you. FREE at last! AMEN!

  2. You can now pray for me too! I love your blog. You inspire others and your story is real and that is what we all need to hear. I am a Christian and wish to find a christian job…with only Christians… Pray for that as I work my 12 hour days which really end up being 14 and I am exhausted all the time.

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