Cooler Miracle

Day 83 Project 365

My husband packs his lunch each day for work and totes around his cooler to the job site.  It holds his lunch and at times pencils, sunglasses, etc.  I joke sometimes it looks like a traveling desk inside there when he comes home with saw dust even.  So the night before last he came in about 9 and asked me if I had picked up his cooler from outside the side door.  It took about a minute for him to realize that he had left it sitting in the parking lot space beside his truck.  That particular day he had been working at the oceanfront and the odds of it still sitting there when he returned would be slim to none.  Especially when inside was a nice pair of Oakley sunglasses.  Needless to say he was a little bummed out.  I smiled and said God cares about that lunch box too and you watch, it will be right there tomorrow.  He grunted and said doubt it.

SO yesterday when my husband came home he smiled and kissed my forehead.  Guess what??? There sat his lunch box with everything in it that was in it when his truck pulled away, Oakley’s and all!  I smiled back and told him that is right honey. An angel sat on that lunchbox all night long and kept it safe knowing we couldn’t afford to replace it or its contents.

Maybe that seems so silly to some but to me it was another precious moment where I see the hand of God on even the small details of my life.

I am finding that when I give up panic, control, freaking out, worry, anxiety and stress and instead seek peace, calm and truth God is showing me that He has had it all under control all along.

Excited to see what is in store for today!


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