Summertime Simple

Day 89 Project 365

So beautiful today.  Spent the day at the ocean.  I wish I could live on the water.  Simple and slow days.  I love the slow pace of summer and long for the end of school so we can move into that rhythm.

I pulled out some summer time recipes this afternoon.  Time for grilling and berries and frozen treats.  What better for getting ready for summer than a frozen yogurt pie.

So simple yet so yummy.

I like to use Kroger’s Carb Smart yogurt (2 containers), 1 8 oz sugar-free cool whip, 1 graham cracker crust and about 1 1/2 ups of fresh or frozen fruit (whatever you like depending on the type of yogurt you use)

Simply mix it all together and pour into graham cracker crust and freeze until about 15-20 mins before you are ready to serve it.

Off to relax some now and spend some quiet time while the boy’s head to baseball.  Going to work on my recipe project and sip some iced tea.


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