Quick note

Day 90 Project 365

Busy but beautiful day.  A little cooler but the sun was shining.    Very busy today so writing a little later than I like.

Lots I would like to write about but just not quite time yet.  Been working through some things this week and it has been good.

Doing some reflecting on direction, motivation, chaos and commitment.  Spent some time reflecting on the last 3 months.  Lots of great things have happened and I know there is more to come.

Reminded today not to judge a book by its cover.  That everyone has a story, even those that appear to have it “all together.”  That we need to stop and make a difference today, not wait until a better time presents itself.  Reminded to let go of the past and move forward, even if that means you leave behind others that just are not ready to make the move, resting in the fact that each of us must choice for ourselves how to live our lives.  That the only person you have control over is yourself so instead of talking about “it” DO “IT”!

Lots to process from today so for tonight I will enjoy a light supper and some hot tea and off to bed I go.

Tomorrow is another day.


2 thoughts on “Quick note

  1. This post was a good way of saying you appreciate the little things in life. But looking forward to the bigger & better things to come,:) I like that, gives you something to look forward to.:)) enjoy your tea & have a good night ! Joanne!!

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