Full heart

 Day 91 Project 365

This is an older picture of my little guy but this is the best picture describe my evening.  We spent a cold night at baseball field but Brett pitched a few great innings and one was even a shut out.  Tomorrow we have all day baseball.  Been a long, full, fun day. I am so tired and partial frozen.

So needless to say another quick post night tonight.

Again today I am reflective on the things that matter most.  I am thankful to be out of the chaos and instead of things running my life I am thankful to be in control and able to not get caught up.  I was able to talk with an old friend today and share some of the things God has brought me through this past year. I was encouraged by her and I was thankful that I have been set free from the things that had bound me before.

I was also able to have a good conversation with a new friend and share my heart and some things I have learned.

Most importantly this evening I am reminded of what amazing children I have. Full heart……I am so blessed to be their mom.  I am so thankful God choice me to be their mom.  Tonight as my 11-year-old came off the field and wrapped his arms around me and thanked me for being his mom and kissed me one of the boys said awww Brett and started to pick on him.  Brett turned and said what you jealous because my mom loves me and takes care of me…….:O) He kissed me again and gave me a huge hug.  I love it.  The texts and calls and hugs and thoughtfulness and wonderful memories and laughter I share with my children. I am blessed and it touches my heart to have others tell me what amazing kids I have and how much of a blessing and a joy they are.

Tonight I am so thankful.  So blessed.

Time for my quiet time and a hot cup of tea and heating blanket to get the feeling back in my toes from baseball.  Until tomorrow when more memories are made………Goodnight!


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