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Day 121 Project 365

Examining myself and my character and seeking ways to improve.  Tomorrow 2012 will be 1/3rd of the way complete.  There is a lot I still have left to accomplish and learn this year.

I have received emails and comments over the past 121 days and want to share this:

I do not think for a moment anyone “arrives”.  Life happens every day, regardless of who you are, your economic or social standing, the color of your skin or any  other physical thing.  Whether you have a walk with the Lord or not.  Life isn’t always easy.  It takes a concentrated effort to look past the negative and hurtful and actually learn from it and move on.  Waiting on someone else to do their part is not part of the plan. It leads to more hurt and disappointment.  People will fail you and let you down because we are all human.  I have to make the most of what I have right now.  If I wait for the right timing it might never come.  I am learning that everyone is entitled to their opinion, EVEN ME!  If that makes someone else uncomfortable well then that is too bad, I will not apologize for doing what is right for me or speaking my mind or changing the people, places and things in my life so that I can have a life.  I am not sorry for my feelings or for taking a stand.  I try very hard to own what is mine to own as I know it usually takes two.  I do my best to make amends where I need to.  I will not be a scapegoat, entertain blame or forgiveness.  I have learned that we each can do something different each day to impact change in our world and daily situations.  Trust me, there are days when the thought crosses my mind to just quit.  To crawl in bed and sink back into depression because it is pointless.  It is in those moments I quickly start listing the good things I now know, the truths I have written on my heart, the memories I now have because I didn’t give up.  It is still hard at times and it might just continue to be.  There are still things that are a daily struggle.  The change in those things has been my mind-set and my attitude.  It is what I make the choice to do about it that is different.  Also important to me has been realizing that just because something is good doesn’t mean it is best and just because someone is in my life doesn’t mean I have to allow them to mistreat me and I will go as far at to say this, just because they are in my life doesn’t mean they should be.  Learning that I have a voice and how to use it has been life changing this past 121 days.  So tonight as I look ahead to the next 1/3 of this year I am thankful for a God that loves me, a family that is supporting me and the friends that never failed me and saw the real me.  I can no longer own the rejection or ill spoken words of those that do not get it.  I am sorry that you can’t see how things have effected me and my kids.



Day 120 Project 365

Beautiful day for some baseball.

Going to keep it simple tonight as it has been a long day.

Never expect corn where cabbage was planted. That is my lesson learned for the day.

Hey batter batter

Day 119 Project 365

Give ya two guesses what I did today?

Baseball!  Slightly overcast and chilly for most of game.  We had a rough start but came back from behind by 9 runs to win with bases loaded in the pouring rain!  Go team go!

Very blessed and proud of my son.  So many kids pick on the ones that may not play as well or they sit and talk crap and blame and belittle.  I am proud of my son for always encouraging and cheering on his team mates. For sticking up for the ones that the others treat badly and for having a good attitude and sportsmanship.  Thankful for the parents that recognize and speak up and have encouraged their kids to do the right thing too.  It does my heart good today when one boy tried blaming another for an out to hear my son encourage the boy by telling him the things he did that were right.  I am thankful for that quality in my son and pray that it continues to grow.  We have some really good kids.  I am blessed and thankful!

Now home to prep for more baseball tomorrow and making mounds of chili to sell at concessions.

Another day of some great lessons learned, great memories made and lots of smiles and love!


Amazing Day!

Day 118 Project 365

I have had an awesome day. A beautiful breeze and sunshine filled day.  Got to meet lots of great people and bless one young lady and my to do list was ta-done by 4 p.m. at the store.

I got so much accomplished -so so excited.

Home and ready for a night of baseball and relaxing.

Last night I had trouble sleeping so gave in and spent some time praying and reflecting.  When I finally woke this morning I was excited to see what this day would hold.

I have to say, I am so blessed and so thankful.  Giving out of your own need knowing that God will bless the offering and sacrifice – it is just amazing.

Walk boldly, whatever it is that we are facing.  When we walk boldly in faith God is faithful, always, 100% right on time.


Day 117 Project 365

I am thankful that I the days when I just don’t think I can HE does.  I was reminded today that there will be times when in my own strength I cannot.  If I step out in faith through Him I can.  I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength.  I can walk boldly and in confidence.  I can achieve all that I set my hand to.  All means just that- ALL!  I can’t always see what it is I am asking for or the answers when they come may not look like I wanted them to or thought they would.  Yet they come.  He is faithful.  I have placed my faith in Him that can do and will do exceedingly and abundantly above and beyond all that I could ever ask or imagine.

I am thankful today for faithfulness in all things.


A season

Day 116 Project 365

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…a time to be silent and a time to speak,” (Ecclesiastes 3:1,7).

I read this scripture today.  It is fitting for me.  As I wait on the Lord and seek the right words and the right timing.  As I run to Him to advocate on my behalf.  As I trust that what He is allowing me to walk through that He is faithful to see me through.

Waiting and trusting……..

Simple things

Day 115 Project 365

It’s the simple things that mean the most.  The kind-hearted gestures, holding open a door, a note in the morning on the table or dropped in a lunch sack.  It is the smile after a long day that speaks without words.  it is the meal time-sharing and the special moments when you sneak away for an ice cream.

As I sort through the memories of my life it is the simple things that mean the most. Life has not always been easy and there never was a promise it would be.  God knew just what I needed when He gave me my precious children.  I haven’t felt very good these last few days and today I spent most of my day in bed.  Tonight though my oldest son and my soon to be daughter in law came over for dinner.  What tender hearts they both have and how blessed I am to be their mom!  They blessed my 15-year-old tonight and made this mom tear up watching the joy of a child and the love between my children.  I am so blessed.

So today as I look ahead to the coming weeks filled with birthdays and high school graduation I am already filled with joy and tears.  Time flies too quickly.  Cherish every precious moment and make the simple things count.