Just saying…….

Day 92 Project 365

Very long day at the baseball field.  Beautiful weather.  Sold amazing amounts of hot dogs, hamburgers, peanuts and such.  Love watching the kids play.  Love even more that they had good attitudes win or lose and that they were there to have fun.

Tonight- short and sweet yet again- Lead by example.  The bad attitude and arrogance, prejudice and hate that you carry around and wear like a badge infects those around you and your children.  When you judge others, make ill comments, think you know everything, swear and belittle others PEOPLE ARE LISTENING.  When you humiliate because you think you know best or better, or worse yet that your child is the IT of baseball…..hello the people sitting around you have kids on the same field. Do yourself and those around you a favor and run into the nearest brick wall until the chip you carry on your shoulder falls off and you are ready to join the rest of us that are here to live life to the fullest with a purpose other than  having to keep up with the Jones’s.  Until then I will pray for you.  Pray that if you have nothing nice to say, even to your own child, that maybe you get a sore throat and lose your voice so the rest of us can enjoy the day.

Okay I feel better.




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