Angels among us

Day 94 Project 365

Over the last few days I have met some pretty remarkable people.  There is this one homeless man named Dale that has been into the shop each day.  As he fumbles with various paper bags in his back pack he smiles.  Full of stories of wars and inventions and grand ideas of what he wants to be when he grows up.  I brought extra waters from home and share a water while he arranges his pills he needs to takes and shares some crayon drawings he has colored.  He is in his 70’s I am sure yet it is hard to tell.  He wonders around the store one last time and ventures out to spread the word that we are open.  I watched Dale tonight.  He was so proud to have a new suit coat though it has a few missing buttons and he dressed up a little he said.  I watched his eyes as he shared with me about his Baptist grandma and his thoughts on the Holy Spirit.  He told me of the lady down that street that was mean to him and the man who shared a cold coke and thanked him for serving.  He talked about serving his country  in the military and all the times he wishes he could see his family again.  To some he might be a bother but to me he was a reminder of God’s amazing love and that each person has a story.  Too often we pass these people by.  Maybe I too have walked by Dale before.  He sometimes had to sleep by the lifeguard stands on the in a hole dug in the sand covered with newspapers.  Maybe I too have hurried past Dale before.  He sometimes had to ask for a water or some food.

Dale touched my heart.  Maybe tomorrow he will be back by and we can share a water and a smile.




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