In the Storm

Day 96 Project 365

We can be going along and every thing is great and the next thing we know we are in a full fledged storm.  Or maybe its been storming for days and weeks and months and our boat is so battered and torn we are staring to take on water and we focus on the storm.

It can be so easy to watch the storm.  As the waves crash around us and the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes.  We can start to panic as the water crashes against our boat.  What once was calm has become chaos and we lose our focus.  Fear.  Panic. Frustration.  Anxiety.  Like a flood, emotions are flying.  When we need to stay calm and focused the most we panic.

In the storm we most remember to keep our eyes focused on the one that can calm the sea.  That can speak to the waves and command they stay still and the ocean to become clear as glass.  We need to remember that those in the boat with us may also be experiencing these same things so they might lash out in fear, panic and frustration too.  Keep calm and speak truth.  Learn to do what you can.  Surrendering control and realize that are some things you can’t change.  Only God can.

Refocus.  Take your eyes off the storm and place them firmly on Jesus. It might be a passing squall or a full-blown hurricane but one thing is for sure- HE HAS GOT YOU if you let Him.



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