A Miracle of a day

Day 97 Project 365

Today a few miles from where I was at the ocean front a F18 Navy Jet crashed into an apartment building.  A customer from Idaho had just asked me if the jets flying over head ever scared me.  Moments later a jet crashed.  Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with those pilots and their families as well as the many people whose homes have been destroyed.  As of 6:30 p.m. EST time as I type this there have been no report fatalities which is nothing short of a miracle.  All but 1 of the 7 taken to the hospital have been treated and released at this point leaving only one of the pilots in the hospital.  Watching the rescue and government officials and every day citizens work together to respond.  Praying as they search and account for all the residents that no one was lost.  As my daughter and I drove home past the exit you could still smell the burnt fuel smell in the air.

Sobering reminder that you never know when something might happen.

A miracle at this point that no life has been lost….praying it stays that way.





One thought on “A Miracle of a day

  1. Going into this weekend of remembering the sacrifice of our Lord, with this incident fresh in your mind– may clarity and the wonders of God’s miracles be bright in your mind! Joining you in prayer for all affected by this. Happy Resurrection (Easter) Day!

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