Joy for the Journey

Day 102 Project 365

Leaving this morning to go to OBX for the day with my family.  Sun is on its way up and it is going to be a beautiful day.

Seeking truth has helped me so much this past few months in finding myself and by that I mean realizing who I am as a person and in the eyes of GOD!

Daily seeking out truth.  I have situations almost daily where I have to make a decision between getting bitter or getting better.  That is really what a lot of this journey has been about.   As I lay awake last night struggling with insomnia the scripture kept running through my mind that as I wait upon the Lord I renew my strength, I will mount up with wings as eagles.  (Isa. 40:31)  Then when I woke this morning I found a quote on my Facebook wall from

“We were created to be eagles in God’s eyes.  The problem is that too many of us flounder around on the ground as chickens. Soar and scan the skies, my fellow Eagles!”

This morning I am renewed- HIS mercies are new for me, for everyone, each day.  It means that as I face these hard things each day, He gives me the chance to soar above it.  In Him I draw my strength and in Him I find joy for this journey.  We can stay defeated, floundering and weak or we can draw strength from the one that created the heavens and the earth.  With faith the size of a mustard seed mountains move. 

I pray today that everyone that reads this post finds the strength to begin anew.  To drop all that they carry at the foot of the cross.  Taking each step, one step at a time.  Getting out of the pilot seat and allowing God to take over.  . 

I know for me it saved my life.


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