Pressing On

Day 104 Project 365

Remembering today that its okay to not put myself out there to be mistreated.  That it is okay to have boundaries that protect me.  That I do not have to do something just to make another person happy.  Somethings might never change and if I wait for them to change I am stuck, so I move on without and step boldly into the purpose and plan for my life.  It’s about the next right thing for me to do.

A slight rough start to my day but I know that as I repeat truth over and over this to shall pass.

Pressing on…..


3 thoughts on “Pressing On

  1. definingmydash. True. Makes me ask myself, what is the purpose of my life, or rather does my life serve a purpose, or still rather, when will I stop pleasing others and have a purpose for my life. Thanks.

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