Take me out to the ball game….

Day 106 Project 365

Peanuts, sunflower seeds, bubble gum and enough Gatorade and water for a small army!  Great day for baseball.  This weekend Brett my youngest (11) had a tournament in Yorktown.  Blue skies, a few white fluffy clouds, a nice breeze and perfect temperature.  Couldn’t ask for a nicer weekend.   After 2 games of baseball yesterday and two today we are on our way home when we pass a field with some kids in a game and he said man I wish I could go play!  You could say he LOVES baseball.  On the way home we had a great talk, about all kinds of things.  Best part was hearing him praising his team mates and naming different ones and great plays and great attitudes.  He notices the ones that are always encouraging others and never complain and he notices that about his coaches too.  He shared, we laughed and smiled and had a great long ride home.  I am very thankful for the chance to watch my son play and for the time to share with him as he shares his heart with me.  Now home, baseball dirt washed away and the beginning of a new  week ahead.  Already he is looking forward to next game.

Focus!  I can learn a lot from my kiddo.  As he shared the things he could have done different he followed it with the things he did right and the things he will try next time.

Proud mom.  Great kid!  Lessons to be learned in everything.



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