Clearing my head

Day 109 Project 365

I just need to clear my head!

If you have not walked a mile in someone else’s shoes be careful when you decide it is okay to pass judgment, give advice or take sides.

Please do not be offended if my boundaries will no longer allow me to pretend to be okay with your judgements or treatment of me.

I am me.
I have been there and done when the ones who should have did not.  I have been hurt by gossip, rumors, misguided judgements.

My money was good enough, my time was good enough, my gifts and making things all better was good enough. Being there when noone else even gave it a thought was good enough.

I didn’t turn a blind eye. I got involved.  I tried to do the right thing and make a difference and save ones that couldn’t save themselves.

I lost. Time! Money! Tangible things that I can never replace.

There is a line at which one can take no more.  That line is different for everyone.  My line almost cost me my life.

You think you know!  You really don’t!

Please do not judge me without knowing me.  Without knowing what it was like to walk in my shoes.

I was quiet, I rarely defended myself.

I stood very much alone.  That is how it felt.


Then there is now!

Some continue to not understand.  I am okay with that. What bothers me most is the continued disrespect. I realized that today.

The lessons I learned this week I apply today.

So for today, I forgive you.  I see now that it is who you are.  I make a choice right now to forgive you.  The boundaries I set today are for me.  They are to protect me and my family, my kids.  It is okay if you don’t like them or they make you uncomfortable.  I will make no apologies for doing the next right thing.  My eyes are open and each day I continue to move forward.

Thanks for letting me share……………………..


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