Something Solid

Day 110 Project 365

I love the water.  Love the ocean and enjoy a good boat ride but once the boat stops in the water I get sea sick quick.  Unless there is land in sight or a bridge that I can fix my sights on I am done.

So it can be in my life.

After 3 weeks of peace I was thrown back into daily dealing with a bad attitude.  I work hard on not allowing others attitudes to influence be but that is very difficult at times in this particular matter.  We were driving back from baseball the other day and as I crossed the bridge and saw all the sailboats on the water I realized that, just like my boat trips,  I can be going along just fine and if I take my eyes for a second off that fixed, still object I can quickly be in trouble.  I need the constant steady guidance of the Lord in my life.  I need to focus firmly on the truth.  I am not who these people paint me to be. I know this and I am not listening to the enemy.



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