A new name!

Day 111 Project 365

What an amazingly beautiful day.  The clouds cleared early and the bright blue sky has been sunshine filled all day.  Simply perfect weather!

Cup of coffee in hand this morning I was early to the shop with big plans to accomplish all kinds of things before cracking open the big glass doors and letting in the sea air.  Had I paid attention to the notion to put the keys to the shop back on my key ring yesterday morning as the thought crossed my mind my plan this morning would have been flawless.  Alas I enjoyed some quiet time awaiting rescue (a set of keys!).  As I sipped my coffee and enjoyed the beautiful morning I read this devotion (click on title to follow link if you prefer) :


“In the article “Leading by Naming,” Mark Labberton wrote about the power of a name. He said: “I can still feel the impact of a musical friend who one day called me ‘musical.’ No one had ever called me that. I didn’t really play an instrument. I was no soloist. Yet . . . I instantly felt known and loved. . . . [He] noticed, validated, and appreciated something deeply true about me.”

Perhaps this is what Simon felt when Jesus renamed him. After Andrew was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah, he immediately found his brother Simon and brought him to Jesus (John 1:41-42). Jesus peered into his soul and validated and appreciated something deeply true about Simon. Yes, Jesus saw the failure and impetuous nature that would get him into trouble. But more than that He saw the potential of Simon to become a leader in the church. Jesus named him Cephas—Aramaic for Peter—a rock (John 1:42; see Matt. 16:18).

And so it is with us. God sees our pride, anger, and lack of love for others, but He also knows who we are in Christ. He calls us justified and reconciled (Rom. 5:9-10); forgiven, holy, and beloved (Col. 2:13; 3:12); chosen and faithful (Rev. 17:14). Remember how God sees you and seek to let that define who you are.

I am so glad for the day that I came Seeking relief for my soul; Jesus the Savior gave me my new name; Now by His grace I’m made whole. —Hess
No one can steal your identity in Christ.”
After everything I have been through these last few years I felt so insignificant and completely invalidated.  The lies I had come to believe where my new identity and each time someone else bought into them I sank deeper and deeper into despair. 
I really needed this reminder today.
Thank GOD!  He sees me as I am and NO ONE can steal my identity in Christ.
I am not who I was, nor am I what others say I am!



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