A Fine Line

Day 114 Project 365

There is this fine line.  If I walk on one side of it life doesn’t hold certain things, certain people, they can’t hurt me because I don’t let them.  They are there but they are not.  It is almost easier for me on this side of the line.

If I walk on the other side of the line they are there and treat me as if I am not.

I am not the one that drew the line.  I have attempted to erase the line.  I have attempted to ignore the line and even to re-define the line.  The line is still there.  If I try to bring attention to the line, address the line, shed light on the line and ask for boundaries to be attached to the line the progress is slow.

With each break it is as if the line is re-drawn again.  Each break is wonderful, it is freeing and as it should be.  we are complete and life is fun and wonderful.  With each breaks end comes dread.

I am tired.  I am unsure.  I no longer know if what I hold in my heart is enough.  I pray and ask for hearts and minds to be open.  Why force something that doesn’t want to be?  I have offered release.  I will be okay.  I tired.  I am ready.

I am not sure how much longer I can walk this fine line.  It is time for change.



One thought on “A Fine Line

  1. I recognize that line. We’ve got one drawn in our family…wouldn’t even be a line if we weren’t related, but I guess that’s what the words reconciliation and restoration are for.

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