Simple things

Day 115 Project 365

It’s the simple things that mean the most.  The kind-hearted gestures, holding open a door, a note in the morning on the table or dropped in a lunch sack.  It is the smile after a long day that speaks without words.  it is the meal time-sharing and the special moments when you sneak away for an ice cream.

As I sort through the memories of my life it is the simple things that mean the most. Life has not always been easy and there never was a promise it would be.  God knew just what I needed when He gave me my precious children.  I haven’t felt very good these last few days and today I spent most of my day in bed.  Tonight though my oldest son and my soon to be daughter in law came over for dinner.  What tender hearts they both have and how blessed I am to be their mom!  They blessed my 15-year-old tonight and made this mom tear up watching the joy of a child and the love between my children.  I am so blessed.

So today as I look ahead to the coming weeks filled with birthdays and high school graduation I am already filled with joy and tears.  Time flies too quickly.  Cherish every precious moment and make the simple things count.


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