Hey batter batter

Day 119 Project 365

Give ya two guesses what I did today?

Baseball!  Slightly overcast and chilly for most of game.  We had a rough start but came back from behind by 9 runs to win with bases loaded in the pouring rain!  Go team go!

Very blessed and proud of my son.  So many kids pick on the ones that may not play as well or they sit and talk crap and blame and belittle.  I am proud of my son for always encouraging and cheering on his team mates. For sticking up for the ones that the others treat badly and for having a good attitude and sportsmanship.  Thankful for the parents that recognize and speak up and have encouraged their kids to do the right thing too.  It does my heart good today when one boy tried blaming another for an out to hear my son encourage the boy by telling him the things he did that were right.  I am thankful for that quality in my son and pray that it continues to grow.  We have some really good kids.  I am blessed and thankful!

Now home to prep for more baseball tomorrow and making mounds of chili to sell at concessions.

Another day of some great lessons learned, great memories made and lots of smiles and love!



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