Take some time

Day 125 Project 365

Another very long day.  Just walked in the door about 20 minutes ago after leaving at 6 a.m.  Thankful for a wonderful dinner prepared for us by a sweet friend after a longs days work.  Today was a great day with lots accomplished.  I was watching a mom and her little girl this evening.  The little girl kept repeating and repeating and repeating herself.  For a good 5 minutes she did everything in her power to get her mothers attention.  Mom never broke stride in her phone conversation.  Not even a wave of the hand to signal “just a moment” to her little girl.  She steady talked and the little girl steady begged for attention.  Time is too short.  Life passes by too quickly.  I was instantly aware of the times I am too busy with “stuff”.  Yes, sometimes life demands long days.  The last few days have been very busy and there are still a few busy days ahead.  Sometimes that can’t be helped.  Other times though I can get caught up in things that really are not that important.  As I watched this little girl and listened to her repeated  “Mom!  Mommy! Mom!” I remembered a message I heard at a moms conference many years ago.  Take time to teach your children the value of who they are.  Don’t be so busy you can’t take the time to listen.  Speak into their lives and build that relationship. If you don’t someone else will!

My kids are growing up so quick.  It blows my mind sometimes as I watch moms with their little ones and mine are as tall as me or taller.  Driving, exams, jobs and bank accounts, texting, shopping and sports now takes the place of play doh, lincoln logs, barbies and legos.  It all happened so quickly.

Remembering tonight to continue to make time, slow down and cherish every precious moment along the way.


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