Happy Mothers Day

Day 134 Project 365

Today was a great day.  Plans were a little off here and there but we had a great day.  Woke this morning to breakfast in bed made for me by my 15-year-old son Kody.  He did a great job and served me complete with a British accent.  Very classy.  Two of my kiddos had to work so after breakfast we spent some time together just hanging out and visiting.  My husband gave me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings after I had insisted that all I really wanted was a new vacuum and he flat at refused citing at some point someone told him NEVER to get an appliance as a gift for your wife.  Then for one of my Mother’s Day gifts my husband took us to the Monsters on the Beach Monster truck show.  It was a blast and we got a lot of amazing pictures.  I was also very glad to see I was not the only “redneck” mom that thought this would make a great gift.  The show was great and after 4 hours at the ocean we were starving.  The family made a wonderful dinner and my oldest son Nik (21), Kody (15) and my little man Brett (11) ending our evening watching a really awesome movie, The Perfect Game (go figure it was a baseball movie based on a true story.  A MUST WATCH family movie.)  Beautiful cards and chocolates and my carpets cleaned and hand-made gifts from my kids was wonderful but the best part was the kind words and love.

I am very blessed to have amazing kids.  I was asked what the best part of my life has been and without a doubt it is being their mom.  I am honored to be their mom and completely head over heels in love with each of them.  I am thankful to the Lord above that He chose me to be their mom.  I am also very blessed to have a thoughtful husband.  I am thankful for the many changes and the growth in him and in our relationship over the years.

What a great day!



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