Loving Reminder

Day 144 Project 365

As the Lord works on my heart I want to share tonight a passage below.  It is a lover letter and a reminder.

I know what it’s like to be so broken that it is hard to believe your damaged life could become a legacy. Be encouraged with this truth: the most valuable things you and I have to give are free—forgiveness, a word of encouragement, a prayer offered up for someone, a hug, a deed that helps someone in need and shows we care. I know it’s hard to give when you are hurting, but when it’s all said and done and this life is over, all that will remain is our love and our legacy. How we face and finish our battles will become our legacy. There are a lot of reasons to give up, but there are greater reasons to finish strong. In the middle of the fire it may feel like we’ll never get out, but once the flames die down, we will find ourselves closer to God and purified from the fire. We are here on earth for only a little while, but we’re going to celebrate the lives we lived on earth for all eternity.

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