Joyous Friday

Day 146 Project 365

Finally, after two weeks with no car my little red bug is fixed.  Hubby still has some fine tuning to do but, it is driveable and I am ever so thankful that he is handy in just about every way and could fix my car.  Wonderful way to start the weekend, having my wheels back.

As we were riding home tonight I realized just what an adventure our lives has been.  Not without its shares of trials and tribulations yet also full of a lot of wonderful memories as well.  I think back to the many milestones in our story and I see the fingerprints of God who took so many messes and really has used them to be our message.  I think somehow over the last few years we lost sight of that.  Maybe the enemy was just out to destroy because God was moving and using us in many mighty ways.  It is time to get back on track.  Praying and believing for great things.


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