Learning Curve

Day 151 Project 365

On T.D. Jakes Ministries Facebook status today:  Become comfortable with criticism.  No matter who you are, you cannot please everyone all of the time.  If you’re going to reach the heights God has called you to, you will elicit criticism from those who are jealous, petty or angry because they were left behind.

So when he was on Oprah’s life class he talked too about how to deal with the “haters”, people pleasing, moving on and getting over it.  Watch this clip…..Life Class

I think I am over “it” and something happens and I find myself right back in the pit, trying to get more from someone than they are capable of, trying to please someone who doesn’t really care, chasing after something that never was meant to be. 

TODAY I move on.  People think they know me.  They don’t.  The define me by what they think I am.  They have a period where GOD has a comma.  ( Learned this on Life Class with TD Jakes too…..LIFE CLASS)

If you have been following me on this journey this year, bear with me.  I like to think I am not the only repeating test taker out there.  I think we all have those areas we just seem to keep cycling through.  Last year I quit, I gave up, I almost died, literally.  Today I have to keep cycling through this until I have a complete breakthrough NOT breakdown.  That is the difference.  I am embracing new things. I CAN NOT PLEASE EVERYONE AND I NO LONGER WANT TOO!  I AM LEARNING TO BE ME, TO LOVE ME, TO FIND THE DEFINITION OF MY LIFE AND ERASE THE PERIODS, TO REMOVE THE PINT SIZE PROBLEMS IN MY WORLD AND EMBRACE GALLON SIZE THINKING, AND MOST OF ALL I AM LEARNING ALL THE TIME TO FORGIVE, NOT FORGET, BUT LEARN AND MOVE FORWARD.

I know, all caps is screaming in some circles and that is what I am doing,  from the roof tops, out loud and in living color.  I am going to get through this phase and no longer give this “stuff” in my head and heart power it wasn’t meant to have.

You probably have heard me say it before and you will hear me say it again. 

I almost typed sorry. 

I am not. 

I have been bound for far to long by this and I have to move forward, that is what this has been about.

So with much prayer I am taking some serious steps forward, searching out answers, having some tough conversations and asking God for the strength to stand strong and follow through.

The walls I tore down earlier this year are now the bricks I use to form a solid foundation.  I have learned so much and I am so thankful.

I am still struggling with anger, resentment and hurt and I am still tyring to piece together certain places in my life but I do know that my trust is in the Lord.

“In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”        Psalm 56:4 NIV


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