The next steps

Day 158 Project 365

So today I sat down and figured out some short-term goals on paper.  Things that need to be addressed and areas that need some support and accountability.  I have avoided setting dates on things and even blogging about some things for fear of failure.  Over the next few days as I iron out the details with much prayer and preparation I will begin to include these things in my postings.  Though it feels at times I have been on this journey forever I know that the experiences along the way are creating a better person in me.  I struggle many days with feeling as though my efforts just are not enough.  Though I seem withdrawn at times and maybe not myself I am doing the best I can.  There are days when all my energy is directed at doing the very next right thing.  There are even days when my energy is spent just putting one foot in front of the other.  I struggle with insecurities and frustrations and some pretty rough relationships that can be very draining.  Though this sounds like excuses to some for me it is my reality.  I really do struggle and have to deal with some petty lies and gossip and hate and it is very exhausting.  I am trying to stay focused the best that I can.  Each day I get a little stronger and each day I try to define my day as it comes by truth.  I have much left to learn.  With prayer and petition I move forward….


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