Day 166 Project 365

This will be short and sweet- A flood of emotions today.  It is my wonderful father’s birthday today.  Today we also celebrated the last official day of school and Kristopher had graduation practice.  Tomorrow is the big day.  I can hardly believe it and have spent the day crying off and on.  There seems to be a thousand things happening at the same time and I know God knows them all.  Trusting in Him.  In prayer tonight as well.  My grandfather is not well and only has a few days.  Praying for his journey home as he meets his heavenly father face to face.  Praying too for those of us he will leave behind, especially his children and his wife.  I know that a greater place awaits him.  I know that the visit I was able to have with him a few months back was a true God moment.  Great healing took place.  Lots of emotions right now in our home and in our family.  Trusting our moments, our hearts and our lives to our God.


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